Conversionista – One of four top presenters at Conversion Summit 2010

John Ekman

Have just been informed that I (John Ekman – Chief Conversionista), will be one of four international top presenters at the European Conversion Summit in Germany next autumn. This  is Europe’s leading conference on Conversion.

Here’s what they write on their blog :

Vielleicht hat der eine oder andere noch Seine sensation Ellen Auftritt auf dem ConversionCamp 201 0 in Erinnerung “.

My German is not sensational, but they write something like:  “Maybe some of  you remember his sensational performance at the Conversion Camp 2010?”


It’ll be be fun to get up on stage in the company of Bryan Eisenberg – perhaps the most well-paid and well-known of all optimization experts.

About Conversion Summit

I was a speaker at Conversion Camp in Frankfurt in September 2010. It was the first conference on Conversion in Europe and the response was nothing short of sensational.

For next year they have expanded the program to two days. The first  day has a more international focus and is called “Conversion Summit”. The first 100 tickets have already been released. And all sold out! It’ll be fun to see where this ends.

Their goal is to retain the position as Europe’s No 1 conversion conference, and they will probably succeed.

ConversionSummit 2011 key speakers

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