Conversion review

Conversion review

Start untangling your conversion mess

Your site is leaking money, but you don’t know where and how much. We’ll give you a list of priorities when it comes to areas of improvement, and then we’ll help you sort out your conversion issues – step by step.

Where do your visitors come from, and where do they go? We build our analysis based on your visitor data. We’ve got experience from over 500 optimisation projects, which means we will find all the classic “conversion killers”.

Things we can help you with:

  • Review “Focus” - We go through a primary flow, for example, the buying process for an e-commerce business.
  • Review “Total” - We go through the whole customer journey. We will leave no stone unturned!
  • Have it your way - We’ll adapt the scope and the focus of the project based on what your main challenge is.

What you can expect:

  • A clearly defined path forward for your conversion work
  • Your most important conversion issues and improvement measures - listed by order of priority.
  • A report and a workshop, where we go through your conversion roadmap

Data-driven analysis drives our work

In order to find the biggest leaks in your online flow (mobile, web or app) we will break things down in a conversion funnel. In each step of the process, we analyse the user’s behaviour and how we can make more users get to the next step.

How do we find these things out? Well, we do a data-driven analysis (often using Google Analytics) and combine this information with an expert analysis where we benefit from experience from over 500 conversion projects.

How deep will we go?

The review will be tailored to your needs and your online flow. We’ll have a chat about it and decide on a scope that suits your business.

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Conversionista is open for business in The Netherlands.
Conversionista is open for business in The Netherlands. Read more.