Web Analytics

Web Analytics

When you have many reports and lots of data – but still no results

We’ll unlock and create value from your data investments, and find the goals, the flows and the KPIs that really matter for your online business.

With the help of reporting and visualisation, we’ll highlight the data that show the improvement measures that you should take and why, and how this will be beneficial for you. We focus on what the users do – not just where they come from.

This is what we can do to help you:

  • Continuous analysis
    We analyse the visitors’ behaviour to develop improvement measures based on data
  • Reporting and Visualisation
    We help you extract the data that you can actually use as a basis for decisions
  • Implementation
    We implement and ensure that your most important KPIs are tracked.


  • We unlock and create value from your data investments
  • We show you the improvement measures you must take and why, and how this will be beneficial for you.
  • We ensure that implementation is correct so you can trust your data.

1. Web analytics Health Check

We’ll start by checking that the analysis tool is correctly implemented. Nine times out of ten we find tracking scripts that are missing or are duplicated, reports that are set incorrectly, filters that distort data – you name it.

We have hundreds of points that we check off, which ultimately results in a list of improvement measures.

2. Web analytics rehab

We’ll fix the problems that we identified in step 1. When that’s finished, data is collected correctly and we can start the important analysis phase.

3. Conversion Analytics – where it happens

We’ll go through hundreds of checkpoints to find out what really happens on your site:

  • User analysis – which users convert and which users don’t?
  • Where do we lose users on the way to the most important conversion goals? Why?
  • Can we turn conversion goals into conversion funnels?
  • Can we see different behaviours depending on browser/screen size/language/traffic source?

We don’t just work to produce reports. We work to create hypotheses for improvement that we A/B test to generate measurable business results.

Proactive and independent when it comes to our choice of tool

To only use the analysis tool to measure is enough for some. However, for our customers who need a more solid base to stand on, we do a review of the entire structure and tool selection for web analytics – we’re completely independent.

We look at tag management, dashboards and tools for data visualisation, integration with A/B-testing tools and ERP systems.

As you can see, there are a few complicated words. Contact us and we’ll explain more

Google Analytics 360

Analytics 360 is a more powerful web analysis tool. This means unsampled data, custom funnels, and a larger number of possible integrations with other tools (such as DoubleClick). You’re given 200 custom dimensions and you can collect and analyse your data faster.

Analytics 360 is suitable for larger companies or organisations with large amounts of traffic.

Conversionista is a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP). That means that we have been reviewed, approved and certified by Google to help companies and organisations with Google Analytics. As a partner, we can help with implementation, customisations, consultation, education and ongoing help.

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Conversionista is open for business in The Netherlands.
Conversionista is open for business in The Netherlands. Read more.