When you have many ideas but no proof of what works best

When you start A/B testing you become armed with facts, which means you can stop making important decisions based on guesses. Continuous A/B testing is your best friend when it comes to finding out what needs to change on your website.

A/B testing delivers results instantly which gives you insights into how your visitors behave on your site.

Things we can help you with:

  • Get started with A/B-testing
  • Optimise your existing A/B test program
  • Continuous coaching and expert help for your team
  • Technical implementation and support during tests

What you can expect:

  • Increased revenue per visitor
  • You’ll see what effect your activities have
  • You can ensure that new developments don’t have a negative effect on your business.
  • Improved knowledge within the company

Create and prioritize A/B test hypotheses

The hardest thing about A/B testing is deciding what you should test and why. To do the test is actually the easy bit.

Web psychology, experience and analysis data help us understand the behaviour that we want to change. Our hypotheses are formed from our conversion review, from web analysis data (from Google Analytics) and other quantitative data, for example from eye tracking.

The test hypotheses are then “cleaned up” and prioritised in several stages, which ultimately results in a time-efficient plan.

Implementing A/B tests and measuring methods

We have specialists who have carried out many experiments and integrations to external analysis tools – in all the leading test tools.

To implement tools, scripts, and ultimately the test itself isn’t necessarily hard but should be done by a developer. After 600+ projects and huge numbers of A/B tests, we know where the mines are and how you can avoid them.

Our test specialists know everything from reviewing code and giving a second opinion, to taking comprehensive responsibility for hypotheses, coding, setting up, analysis, and review.

In consultation with us, you choose what suits you best.

Review and form the next generation of test hypotheses

To review the test, you should review data from all sources you have access to – the test tool, the web analysis tool, and real sales data.

We will help you compare the different data sources, calculate statistical significance and break down the traffic in different segments. This is to give you a clear picture of what your users actually do.

The test results will work as input for the next generation of test hypotheses.

Our experience is that a test answers a few questions, however, it also creates lots of new ones that you want to test.

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