The Conversion Jam is back

John Ekman

This year Christmas comes early! Why? Because the Conversion Jam is back! And not just back, it’s back like, “No brakes, full-on, pedal-to-the-metal” kind of back. It’ll be like the three years of missed Jams packed into one. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

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The birth of Conversion jam

13 years ago we started the Conversion Jam as a meeting place for the CRO industry. See, back in the day, being a practitioner in our field was a bit of a lonely gig. We were all working our b*tts off, trying to optimize conversions and grow businesses, but many lacked a sense of community. So, we thought to ourselves,

“Why not create a meet-up where all the folks in our industry can come together and share their insights and make new like-minded friends?”

We reached out to some speakers we knew and we asked if they would like to come to Stockholm for a “little CRO & Growth meet-up”? From the day, they said yes, we had a five-week runway to organize the whole thing and five weeks later 250 people gathered in Stockholm for the first Conversion Jam.

We wanted to bring the CRO & Growth community together like a big, raucous family reunion.

That’s how the Conversion Jam was born. It was meant to be a place where people could connect, learn from each other, and have a good ol’ time. We wanted to bring the CRO & Growth community together like a big, raucous family reunion.

The near death of Conversion Jam

Now, fast forward to three years ago, and BAM! The pandemic hit us like a freight train. Everything went topsy-turvy, and we had to hit the brakes on Conversion Jam. No more face-to-face meet-ups, no more high-fives and fist bumps, and definitely no more epic after-parties. It was a real bummer, my friends.

But the people in our community didn’t take it lying down. You started bombarding us with messages, emails, carrier pigeons, you name it. You were begging us, practically on your knees, to bring Conversion Jam back. And you know what? We heard you loud and clear.

The rebirth of Conversion jam

So here we are, folks, finally getting our stuff together to bring Conversion Jam back to the community. And boy, are we excited! We’ve been working around the clock, handpicking the best speakers out there, figuring out all the quirky details and making sure it’s going to be one heck of a party.

And you are going to get exactly what you always asked for:

  • Today’s best speakers in Growth and Optimization, sharing their latest wizardry
  • Meeting with your long lost CRO & Growth peers, checking out their latest stuff.
  • Having a bunch of laughs and hugs and cozying up in that special CJAM vibe.

And the day after the Jam it’ll be like :
– “Man, I’m stoked. Bursting in the seams with great new ideas and ready to thrust myself at my challenges with a data-powered gut punch- Whoaa!!”

But you know what?  We’re not just picking up where we left off. Oh no, we’re taking things up a notch. We thought really carefully about this and named it:

Reconnect- Rethink – Relaunch.

Like long-lost buddies who haven’t seen each other in ages, we’re going  reconnect. We’ll share stories, exchange war wounds from the CRO battlefield, and just bask in the glory of being part of this amazing community.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re going to rethink our strategies, because let’s face it, the world has changed since the last time we jammed together. We’ve got AI, machine learning, automation, and all sorts of crazy stuff to wrap our heads around. So, we’re going take a day to pause, reflect, and figure out how we can stay ahead of the game.

And when we’re done with all that thinking, we’re going to relaunch ourselves into action. We’re going arm you with new playbooks, ideas, and best practices that’ll blow your mind. You’ll leave Conversion Jam with a fire in your belly, ready to go out there and create some serious impact in your business.

The Comeback kid

As a part of the Reconnect theme we have asked 6 of our highest rated speakers on all times to come back. But hey, we can’t put all six of them on stage. Then we will have no place left for all the exciting newcomers?! So, we asked the six of them to compete for one single speaking slot, and you, the audience will decide who gets the spot by voting for your favourite – The comeback kid.

So, my friends, mark your calendars, because Conversion Jam is back. Get ready for a wild ride filled with knowledge bombs, epic conversations, and a whole lot of fun. We’ll see you there, ready to rock the CRO world like the curious, geeky and friendly, community we are.

Let’s do this!

Get in front of the lines – Get your tickets here.

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