Eye tracking & user testing

Eye tracking & user testing

Understand why your users do what they do

With user testing, you get to see how people really use your digital services or your website. You’ll get invaluable insights and new “aha-moments”.

After many years in the business, we’ve learnt that you can never predict exactly how people are going to use your service. The only way to find out is to place them in front of a computer or put a phone in their hand, and then observe what actually happens.

This is how we can help you:

  • When you know where the problem on the site is, but you don’t know why
  • When you don’t know where to begin when it comes to analysing your data
  • When you have limited or no data to look at, for example at a re-design.


  • Understanding of how your users actually use your service
  • Video clips that show you the most common problems
  • A report with a summary and short clips explaining the insights

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