The Conversion Manager program kicks off on March 30th. We sat down with one of the alumni, Susanne, group web lead at Mercell, to hear her story.

Any wow moments? What did she learn and how has it helped her in her current role?

Susanne Myrnes

Susanne Myrnes – Group Web Lead, Mercell Group

How do you currently work with CRO & AB testing?

We didn’t have a CRO framework or the right set up of tools to work with A/B-testing and personalization, something I wanted to change and enable. Start small and then scale. That is the reason why I attended the program, to get a proper introduction to the optimization wheel and how to work with A/B testing to be able to roll this out internally. 

What has been the most valuable learning being part of the C Manager program?

Everything was interesting, but I really liked the Webpsychology part, how to work to increase motivation and decrease friction with all the examples given. The data collection and how to build and work with funnels was also very educational, focusing on where we can create the most impact by working with CRO. Also, the part on how to create a good hypothesis and how to prioritize was great learning. 

Otherwise, it was a great setup on the course with both the theoretical parts and then the more practical ones with group discussions, workshops, and related tasks. 

Any wow moments?

Lots of wow on the web psychology parts. Also data collection, building funnels, focusing on where we can have the most impact by applying the CRO process was kind of wow for me even if it is maybe obvious.

Has the course impacted your daily work and your prioritization – maybe even your overall career?

Yes, we are in the process of setting a CRO framework internally, involving the product unit as well, looking into what tools we have and where to complement, the shiny end goal is to run inspirational CRO sessions, making sure everyone gets started with A/B-testing and personalization. 

Other benefits from attending the program?

Get to know a lot of skilled people, from different industries with different roles, broaden your own network and meet others that also are passionate about the web and CRO. 

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