Conversion – what the heck is that?

Conversion is about getting your visitors to do what you want them to do on your website or landing page. Does this sound easy? Then why aren’t more people doing it?

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Conversion – Why?

Really, it’s just pure routine and lack of knowledge behind the fact that companies STILL put their resources on more traffic and not on maximizing the outcome for the traffic they already have.

More and more people realize that they have reached the end of the road when it comes to buying more traffic. If you can’t make profit from your campaign, you need to start thinking about what you can do with the traffic and the customers you already have – Conversion Rate Optimization.

And the best part is: Optimization is often very profitable. Very. Our clients easily gets back on the amount they put into improving conversion, several times around.

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“Conversion occurs when your and your visitors’ goals meet”

We call this the first law of conversion. It’s about clearly specifying your business goals and at the same time understand the visitors’ goals. It’s not until the visitors reach their goals, that you can reach yours.

When you have specified och understood your and your visitors’ goals, you start finding out how well you reach these goals today.  Work with real data, not with guesses. If you rely on us for this, we call this a Conversion Review.

Form test hypotheses

The most important step in the entire optimization process is to be able to form good hypotheses for improvement. If you’re unable to do a good job here, it will just become ”crap in – crap out”.

The easy part is to see what is wrong, but it’s more difficult to understand what you should do instead. Here you may want to get assistance from an experienced conversion expert, like Conversionista!

Improve through A/B-testing

Then most common, easiest and fastest way to test your hypotheses is to do something called A/B-testing or split-testing. That way the visitors, through their actions, get the opportunity to vote for which alternative they find to be the best one. Learn more on how to do this here >>.
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Never stop testing

Those who happen to be the best within Conversion Optimization test everything, all the time. By adding numerous of small improvements, you get an ”interest-on-interest” effect that ultimately can be quite amazing.

Conversion – The new black

When we started Conversionista! conversion was something you did to files or if you wanted to change religion. Now it’s on everyones lips, but still a bit like sex in high school: Everyone talks about it, but no one has done it.

If you want help to get started, make sure to use our resources. Take a look at our conversion-blog, attend our conversion conference – Conversion  Jam, attend our course Conversion Manager or order a Conversion Review of your site.

We can give you the tools for you to get started with your own optimization.