Challenge: Turning Insights into Action

Polestar previously had a centralized Insights & Analytics team that operated independently from the digital customer-facing teams. Despite having access to extensive data through various dashboards, there was a lack of expertise in converting this data into actionable insights for ongoing operations.

To bridge the gap between Insights and the digital product teams, the necessary competencies were integrated into the Digital Customer Experience team. The new Insights team started with expertise in Web Analytics and CRO, eventually expanding to include UX research.

Insights Team: An Integrated Part of Ongoing Operations

The Insights team worked closely with UX designers, copywriters, and visual designers to provide findings from user research and follow up on new releases. A/B testing was also conducted to further optimize performance.

This close collaboration in the design process enabled actionable insights, which were key to creating a data-driven way of working at Polestar.

Today, the Insights team consists of six specialists with expertise in:

  • Web Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • UX Research
  • A/B Testing
  • SEO

Triangulation of Data to Build Stronger Hypotheses

By combining multiple data sources, the Insights team identified the best opportunities for Polestar to improve their website. User studies and quantitative analysis pinpointed where and what the problems were. To ensure recommendations aligned with SEO findings, keyword search results and rankings were also included.

The combination of SEO, qualitative, and quantitative data led to stronger hypotheses that could be prioritized and turned into actions.

Quick Implementation and Testing

In close collaboration with UX, prioritized actions were quickly implemented on the website, A/B tested, or set the path for further research.

Examples of Deliveries:

  • Prototype Testing
  • Triangulations:
  • A/B Testing Program
  • Customer Journey Framework

By integrating the Insights team into ongoing operations and leveraging a data-driven approach, Polestar successfully transformed their web development processes, leading to actionable insights and continuous improvement.


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