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About Eniro

Eniro is a leading Nordic tech company specializing in digital marketing solutions for businesses. It also offers a comprehensive search service that aggregates, filters, and presents information to connect individuals and businesses effectively.


Historically, Eniro's design process relied heavily on intuition and subjective ideas, lacking robust data support. This approach resulted in a UX backlog without a data-driven framework, leading to changes being implemented directly in production and only reviewed afterward. The disconnect between business goals and measurable KPIs made it challenging to evaluate the impact of these changes on business objectives.


Conversionista introduced a data-driven approach to Eniro, leveraging an experiment team to drive incremental design improvements based on solid data. The team managed data collection and documented insights, involving Eniro continuously to ensure knowledge transfer and process integration.


Our collaboration with Eniro began by identifying the most critical areas of their website for improvement, initiating a series of focused sprints. We used the atomic research framework to structure facts and insights, feeding collected data directly into experiments.

We followed the double diamond process, moving from defining questions and scope to setting up experiments, with each sprint encompassing four phases:

  1. Focus Area: Define research questions, methods, and target user groups.
  2. Research: Conduct qualitative and quantitative research, including web analytics, user tests, heuristic evaluations, screen recordings, NPS data, click and scroll maps, and more.
  3. Analysis: Identify patterns and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data to derive key findings and improvement areas.
  4. Delivery & Hypothesis: Hold a Heat-Meet workshop with Eniro to present research results and collaboratively develop data-driven hypotheses.
heat meet

Results After Six Months

In six months, we accumulated a wealth of data, insights, and actionable recommendations, including:

  • 300+ facts
  • 25+ experiment hypotheses
  • 160+ identified insights
  • 90+ recommendations

We also established a robust A/B testing capability and ingrained a data-driven process within Eniro.

Implementation of A/B Testing and Atomic Research Tools

Together with Eniro, we defined the requirements for A/B testing tools and recommended the best solution. Conversionista developed the architecture and assisted in the customized implementation of GrowthBook, a self-hosted, privacy-first experimentation platform. We also introduced Gleanly as an atomic research tool, enabling easy access to recommendations, insights, and facts.

"I identified a need to transform Eniro into a more data-driven organization in the web development of our sites. After several failed attempts, I realized we needed expert help to implement a conversion-driven culture. After six months, we have changed Eniro's web development processes in a way that will have a lasting impact. I cannot thank the team enough for their support during this transformation. Achieving this change in such a short time would not have been possible without their help and expertise."

Dennis Stenberg

Product Manager and Editor-in-Chief for Eniro.se, Gulesider.no, Krak.dk, and Degulesider.dk


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