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About Skandia

Skandia creates security for generations through higher pensions, a healthy work life, and sustainable investments.

Skandia offers occupational pensions with preventive health insurance to help customers build a secure retirement and stay healthy. Additionally, Skandia provides mortgages, savings options, and advisory services to simplify the savings process. Serving nearly 1.9 million customers, including 1.5 million who are also owners and share in the surplus.

Managing approximately 840 billion SEK, Skandia is committed to its owners, customers, and society. The company operates responsibly to ensure good returns and contribute to sustainable value creation.

The Challenge: Establishing a Culture of Data and Growth

Our long-standing collaboration with Skandia has spanned various projects aimed at optimizing customer experience and digital sales. This time, our focus was on creating a data-driven mindset and a continuous growth-oriented way of working.

It's About the Process, Not Just the Results

This isn't a typical case study showcasing impressive experiment results. Instead, it’s a story about how we enabled a shift in working, thinking, and collaborating, all centered around data and user insights.

Our Three-Step Approach

  1. Build: Discover the current state and define actions for growth.
  2. Operate: Lead the way to establish a data-driven way of working.
  3. Transfer: Educate and hand over responsibilities to ensure sustainability.

The process is crucial, but the people are even more so. Empowering individuals within the organization is key to establishing a lasting mindset and way of working.

BOT model

Our Solution: Knowledge Transition Through Three Phases


Assessment: Evaluated Skandia’s current onsite customer journey and organizational conditions to identify growth potential.

Prioritization: Defined key on-site optimization actions to enhance customer experience.

Challenges: Identified top challenges to enable growth initiatives across the organization.

Work Streams: Established activities to elevate the organization’s growth maturity level.


Strategic Prioritization: With a clear understanding of our goals, we prioritized strategic initiatives and day-to-day activities.

KPI & Digital Goals Alignment: Established a KPI governance structure to unify the digital organization’s efforts towards common goals.

Data-Driven Optimization: Implemented a proof of concept to inject data-driven practices into existing processes, starting with one specific customer journey.

Education & Culture Building: Created forums to connect skilled individuals, fostering a culture of learning and collaboration.

Tool Implementation: Despite the initial absence of A/B testing tools, we focused on qualitative analysis and eventually implemented the necessary tools.


Recruitment & Onboarding: Assisted in recruiting and onboarding a new team member to take over our role, ensuring a smooth transition and continued optimization efforts.

Goals and Result


➡ Lead change with KPI & Digital goals
➡Enable a Data-driven Process
➡Create a culture of constant learning


10+ educational sessions
30+ learned data-driven process
50+ hypothesis created

Can You Build a Data-Driven Culture Without A/B Testing?

Absolutely! While A/B testing can facilitate buy-in, a data-driven culture fundamentally starts and ends with people. By fostering a belief in data as a driver for change, we enable sustainable business growth. Our focus on education and collaboration helped 30+ colleagues learn the data-driven process within the first six months, all without initial A/B testing.

Are you struggling to implement A/B testing or build a data-driven culture in your organization? Share your experiences with us or reach out to discuss your challenges – together, we can make it happen!


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