+500 Million NOK boost with an effective experimentation program

Conversionista helped Norwegian Air Shuttle establish a data-driven way-of-working to optimize website sales. Our work with A/B testing and CRO resulted in Norwegian having an effective and profitable experimental program with an annual estimated result of +500 million NOK.

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About the Customer

Norwegian Air Shuttle is one of the largest low-cost airlines in the world with approximately 3,000 employees. Norwegian was founded 1993 and since then have had over 300 million passengers.They offer flight routes to more than 85 destinations, mainly in Europe.


In the competitive airline industry, every website conversion is priceless. In 2019, the airline company Norwegian realized that CRO was a must in order to become more competitive in the low-cost segment. At the time, web data from the digital customer journey existed but was not used to its full potential. The organization lacked methods and processes to take data-driven business decisions based on customer data to meet the customer need. The assignment for Conversionista was to establish an experimentation program that would increase sales, but above all, drive Norwegian forward in its goal of becoming a customer-centric & data-driven organization.


The assignment started with a thorough Conversion Review (link) of the website. Web analysis, web psychology and qualitative studies were analyzed to form strong insights and recommendations. With a review of more than 100 pages of insights, the foundation was laid to shape an experimentation program whose main task was to solve online customers’ issues. 

Within every low-cost company, every dime spent is extremely important to get a return on. 

Therefore, a ”proof-of-concept” work was started by Conversionista to demonstrate the potential value of a well-functioning experimentation program. After a successful concept start with green sales figures, an experimentation team was formed from Conversionista’s various expert skills. The goal for our consultants was to form a cross-functional research and experiment team to independently run the experiment process on their own. Clear KPIs of test and sales figures were set together with the client to achieve a certain ROI on the experimental program’s testing.


Conversionista’s consultants’ first task was to ensure that the program had development resources that were prioritized for A/B testing, and as a part of the solution a decision was made to involve the development agency OptiPheonix which specializes in A/B test development. 

In order to achieve the goals of the test program, an upgrade of Norwegian’s test tools was required to remove unnecessary bottlenecks. Conversionista assisted with expertise in the work of finding the right tool with its functionality, scalability and price level.

With help from the Conversion Review, a development team without backlog queues, and a new scalable testing tool, the focus was now on streamlining the experimentation team’s own processes. At Conversionista we work with two KPIs in each customer assignment of optimizing experimentation programs, quality and velocity of the program’s output. Quality is the number of tests that result in significant results that decision-makers can use to make data-driven decisions. Velocity is the number of tests the program produces during a time interval. The combination of the two of them tells the story of how well the experimentation program is performing. Throughout this client assignment, the program implemented incremental improvements to both its quality and velocity, resulting in a fast-paced winning machine!

The team set up clear two-week sprints with the first sprint dedicated to research and the second to execution. The amount of research and A/B testing performed by the team required a better structure to preserve all the valuable insights. Therefore, an Atomic Research structure was implemented where all employees could search and find insights based on test results to make data-driven decisions. With an easy-to-navigate knowledge bank of statistical truths, silo barriers were broken down between departments, and data was used in discussions instead of good old gut feelings!


All the process improvements that Conversionista implemented ensured that the experimental program maintained a high level of quality and velocity. With over 100 A/B tests and a great win rate – in relation to the number of tests launched – the result of the program was an estimate of over NOK 500 million in added sales to Norwegian. In 2022, Norwegian’s CRO team was nominated for ”Best Experimentation Practice” award at the Nordics and Continental Europe Optimizer Awards.

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