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Stockholm, December 1-2

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Conversion Jam

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Meet the speakers

Lukas Wermeer
– 🎙 One neat trick to run better experiments

Director of Experimentation at

Om Lukas Wermeer

Lukas is at the top of experimentation at one of the most experimentation-driven companies on the planet. And do you know how many experiments he runs per year? Think hard – it’s a trick question.

The answer is zero.

Because his job is not to run experiments but to democratise experimentation so that everybody in the whole organisation is enabled to leverage the power of experimentation to drive their business results. And now he comes to Conversion Jam to do the same thing for us. Cool or what?!

Talia Wolf
– 🎙 Why your funnel is broken & what to do about it

Founder of Getuplift

Om Talia Wolf

Welcome back, Talia!

Talia is one of our highest rated speakers of all time, but since she’s in Tel Aviv with two small kids, she has not yet been able to make a comeback. Yet. But then kaboom – COVID – and a virtual conference, and she’s back in the game! ”Never let a crisis go to waste”.

Talia and her team help high-growth companies generate more revenue, leads and engagement. She is a true CRO McGyver, mastering data-driven analysis, emotional targeting and persuasion techniques. She was recently voted one of the most influential voices in conversion optimization and has spoken repeatedly on all the big CRO stages.

Moe Kiss
– 🎙 From start-up to scale-up - 10 hard-earned lessons in testing

Marketing Analytics Lead at Canva

Om Moe Kiss

Moe leads the Analytics team at the Australian unicorn startup, Canva.

This means that you start small, never have any money, and grow like crazy. Now you are big and all those small things need to fit into the BIG global organisation. But – you still don’t have any money. And still growing like crazy.

We’ll learn how to survive and thrive in this kind of environment – staying on top of your analytics setup and doing rapid-fire experiments.

Moe advocates for gender and cultural diversity as a passionate and active member and mentor in the analytics community, a She recently won the Digital Analytics Association USA’s top new practitioner award.

Sandra Wu
– 🎙 300 A/B Tests Later - Big Growth Through Small Wins

Content Marketing Lead at Blinkist

Om Sandra Wu

Conversion geeks always argue that we have to look at the cumulative effect of many small tests, and everybody else is like  ”-Yeah, yeah, show me the money”.

Well, here’s the money. Sandra helped Berlin-based startup Blinkist grow to 15 million users in a market that is INSANELY competitive. They just couldn’t have done it without highly engaging content that has been built on user insights and relentlessly tested.

300 tests later, she will share her recipe of the secret content marketing sauce.

Peep Laja
– 🎙 How to find your Differentiation Strategy (in a Sea of Sameness)

Founder of CXL agency & institute

Om Peep Laja

Peep founded CXL agency and institute, runs CXL live (one of the major CRO events in the world) so this guy is a big deal. Peep spoke once before at CJAM and totally nailed it. Thanks to COVID, we can now (virtually) welcome him back.

But a lot has happened since he last spoke. Peep doesn’t actually call himself a CRO practitioner any more. Instead, he wants us all to be able to break out of our CRO bubble and taste the world outside.

He’ll be speaking on differentiation, and how it’s pointless to keep optimising those buy buttons if customers can’t perceive that what you do is different from your competitors.

Expect assumptions to be challenged, rules to be broken and pure entertainment – Peep style.


John Ekman
– 🎙 If data is the new oil - Behaviour data is rocket fuel

Founder Conversionista

Om John Ekman

John founded Conversionista to help Sweden’s online businesses to get better results from their traffic. 10 years later, Conversionista is the indisputable authority on conversion optimisation in the Nordics – so he must have done something right!

Optimisation is really about changing the behaviour of your visitors. And if you want to change behaviours you need to look at behaviour data. Too many organisations want to jump in on being data-driven but they look at the wrong kind of data. They focus on demographic and attitudinal data sets and then they scratch their heads when they are unable to predict, explain or change behaviours.

John will teach you how to tap into this – the most valuable resources in our new digital world.

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