Conversion (super) Hero of the Year

Let us present, Conversion Hero of the Year!

During Conversionista’s years in the business, we have met a lot of Conversion heroes in different organizations and industries.

We also know that there are a lot of superheroes that we haven’t yet met. We want to highlight all of you.

The heroes who fight for better online experiences, who rely on data instead of gut feeling, who constantly push boundaries and dare to question old habits and think new.

We want to celebrate the exceptional individuals who have demonstrated outstanding contributions and achievements within CRO.

Of the right caliber?

Whether it’s through implementing data-driven strategies, conducting hypothesis workshops, rigorous A/B testing, refining user interfaces, or designing compelling user journeys, these heroes have spread the knowledge of working data-driven and saved humans and the world from bad digital experiences.

So, how do I nominate someone?

Do you know someone who has made a remarkable difference in their conversion efforts? Nominate them for the Conversion Hero of the Year award and give them the recognition they deserve! Nominations for the award are open to all professionals working in the field of CRO, regardless of industry or organization size. You can nominate a colleague, a team member, or even yourself.

Last day to nominate is October 9th!




How does the winner get selected?

The recipient of the award will be selected by an expert jury, with countless years of experience within the field of CRO. The criteria for the selected winner will be a combination of factors, including:

  • The measurable impact of their CRO initiatives
  • The creativity and effectiveness of their strategies
  • Their ability to drive successful collaborations within their organization, and
  • Their commitment to continuous learning and improvement

The winner of the award should embody the qualities of a true Conversion Hero, passionate about data-driven decision-making, dedicated to enhancing user experiences, and committed to driving continuous improvement.


When does the winner get presented?

👉🏻 During Scandinavia’s largest Growth and Conversion Event, Conversion Jam.
Not to miss, 26th of October.


What to do now?

Let’s honor the Conversion heroes who have made a significant impact in optimizing conversions, sharing knowledge, and driving business success.

Submit your nominations today and help us recognize the exceptional talent and dedication in the CRO community! Last day to nominate is October 9th!


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