The Comeback Kid - VOTING CLOSED!

Want to see the best CJAM speakers ever, back on stage? YES!

Want fresh ideas from the up-and-coming CRO hotshots? YES – AGAIN!

Well, this year you can have the cake and eat it too!

We’re inviting our top 6 highest-rated speakers of all time to compete for a SINGLE speaking slot. And guess what? You get to decide who gets the spot by voting for your favorite – The 2023 CJAM Comeback Kid.

Read more about the candidates below, and then vote for YOUR favourite! Last day to vote is September 7th.  The winner will be presented live on October 26th.


When voting you can choose to be part of our ‘ticket raffle’ with the chance to win a FREE ticket to the event!

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The Comeback Kid Candidates - Choose YOUR Favourite!

Unn Swanström

Unn Swanström

Sweden's UX Unicorn

How do you optimize Minecraft? A game that is already loved by 141 million active users every month? Great question, Unn Swanström would love to tell you! She’s a Senior UX Designer at Mojang Studios and works in the Player Onboarding team. Her mission is to help beginners find what’s fun about Minecraft faster.

Does her name sound familiar? Maybe because she has hosted Women in Tech (five times!), Nordic.js (four times!), Brilliant Minds, and the Polhem Award. You might have seen her on the 2016 Conversion Jam stage in Stockholm. Unn also has a YouTube channel where she teaches design and prototyping in a fun and friendly way. Oh, did we mention that she once won the IT Woman of the Year award? Yeah, that happened.

Why vote for Unn?
Not only does she have unicorn coloured hair, but she is everywhere in Swedish tech and FOR THE FIRST TIME: she will share what she does at Minecraft/Mojang.
Karl Gillis

Karl Gillis

The one and only UX Comedian

Listen to your users! (And stop doing stupid things) Karl has been optimizing online businesses for over 20 years. Teaching people about UX, user research and conversion optimization. But he’s also getting frustrated: because marketers, designers and developers are making the same mistakes over and over again. Most websites have the same flaws as 20 years ago, despite all the knowledge we have about UX. Karl will vent his frustrations.

But luckily, he will also share some really hands-on tips and examples how to improve your business by listening to your users. So you can turn more visitors into customers. According to PPC Hero, Karl is the number 3 most influential conversion expert in the world. He has no idea how he ended up there. But it sounds cool, doesn’t it? 🙂

Why vote for Karl?
Vote for Karl to get tons of laughs BUT later realize you also made the same mistakes. Great – Now you can fix them.
Els Aerts

Els Aerts

Senior UX Warrior Queen

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of User Research (aka How User research is Like Mushrooms)
Everybody loves data. And rightfully so. The right data helps you make better decisions.

But the wrong data? Well, that’s a totally different story… Poorly designed or executed user research produces wrong data. And consequently leads to bad decisions.

In this session, Els highlights the most important pitfalls to be aware of when doing user research.

Els is an advocate for qualitative user research and loves helping companies to understand their customers better. Because customer happiness is the key to success.

Why vote for Els?

Don’t be fooled by her grandma looks and kind demeanor. Sure, she’ll give you that cosy feeling of nanna holding your hand, kindly showing you how you f*d up your UX research and how to fix it. But she is smart as hell. And takes no prisoners.

Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf

The WonderWoman of Emotions Online

The power of Emotion: The secret to driving more sales and revenue

All the GA4’s,AI tools, automation, machine learning and other technologies in the world will never help you create high-converting funnels for your customers if you fail to leverage the one component that matters more than anything else in marketing: Emotion.

During this session, Talia Wolf will show you how to leverage Emotional Marketing to increase sales, conversions and revenue.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • How to get into your customers’ heads and hearts and get meaningful insights that impact conversions
  • The emotional marketing framework Talia uses to 10X conversions for her clients
  • How to optimize your copy and design to convert more customers
Why vote for Talia?
You will love her when she shows you how to make your customers love you, and what that means for your business.
Bart Schutz

Bart Schutz

The Father of Web Psychology

Together with the multidisciplinary teams within Online Dialogue Bart inspire, advice and assist companies across the globe with:

Becoming more data-driven and evidence-based, Learning & applying behavioural sciences, Improving their experimental skills (testing is NOT easy!), Growing their Digital Revenue AND Growing their Customer Intelligence

Bart loves assisting with and executing immense amounts of digital experiments (a/b-tests) with statistical powers, reliabilities and validities that most behavioural scientists can only dream of. This data-driven and evidence-everything approach delivers exponential growth, as well as an understanding of what truly drives and influences the behaviour of the human species.

Why vote for Bart?
The human brain is where it all starts and and ends. So if you want to get to the root of of your growth challenges – vote Bart.


Michael Aagaard

Michael Aagaard

The Unstoppable Speed-Demon of CRO

Don’t Let me Down – The Science & Psychology of Disappointment

Disappointment is a powerful and painful human emotion that shapes everything from how we feel and behave to how we learn and remember.

In this session, we’ll uncover how it works, why it affects our behaviour and what triggers it. Moreover we’ll look at how to use these insights to build better and higher converting experiences for our users and customers.

During this session, we’ll cover:

  • What disappointment is from a psychological and neurological perspective
  • Lots of real-world examples of how disappointment affects online behaviour
  • How to identify and address where you could be letting down your users
Why vote for Michael?
If you have an infinite bucket to fill with hands-on CRO tips, then let Miichael run around on stage for 30 minutes and fill it to the brim.

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