Why Conversion is “The perfect storm”

John Ekman

Everyone wants better Conversion. Must have it! In the last few weeks Ive had lunch dates with many of the people in my network and we’ve talked about Conversion. They come from different companies in the web world. They have different backgrounds and perspectives, but one thing theyhave in common is that they all say that the Conversion is SOOO important to their business / site / sector. And it’s happening now!

So I get this feeling that Conversion is The perfect storm* and I’m dizzied to find myself in the middle of all this.

Here’s why:

1. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing has always been a tug of war between advertisers who want to pay for performance and and publishers who want to be paid for traffic. In order to be able to meet at the point of “Results”, advertisers must be able to guarantee good results, which means ─ Conversions.That’s why  affiliate programs must add  Conversion audit and coaching to their service vs.  advertisers in order to help them improve Conversion.

2 Email service providers

There is a number of companies who help their customers organize their e-mail marketing.They offer tools for dealing with templates and mailing lists, and to measure results. Even if one can measure the results, they would have little ability to influence them. Therefore, the winners in this market will be those that help their customers to optimize the outcome of their mailings, which is again ─ Conversion.

3. E-commerce consultants/system providers

This is a no-brainer. Do  ecommerce consultants and system vendors need to help their customers improve Conversion? Oh Yes!

4.  SEO & SEM consultants

The days when SEO consultants  can charge for ranking are numbered, you know – “We’ll get you up on the Top 10 on Google and you only pay for placement ‘. Why this is so I will not go into here, but the consequence is that SEO and SEM consultants will start to become judged on results, ie Conversion instead. It does not matter what rank, traffic or clicks a site has, unless it leads to results.

5. Site Owner

The people listed aboce are just the handymen helping site owners to get the best possible business. So what it all boils down to is that the site owner also has to take command of his Conversion so that all parts in the machinery points in the same direction.

So we expect that the next few years to be extremely exciting.

* Movie with George Clooney & co, which is about how all of a sudden weather systems interact, and relase allt their combined forces to create the worst storms seen by humans.

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