Conversionista presents at 3 conferences in September 2010

John Ekman

3 Conferences

The interest  for Conversion and Optimization seems to have gotten started real for real here in Sweden and I am invited as a speaker at three conferences in September only . Conversionista – Hit the ground running!

At Webbdagarna (Web Days) in Gothenburg I will present an introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization, what it is and where to begin.At  the E-metrics Marketing Optimization Summit  in Stockholm, many others will talk about web analytics and how to measure the results of optimization. Therefore, I will focus on how to set up good hypotheses to test. It doesn’t really matter how efficient measurement methods you have,  if you don’t have a solid approach to come up with factors that can be improved.

Finally (or first really) I will speak about “The top 6 E-mail conversion mistakes nearly everyone makes” at  ConversionCamp in Frankfurt. The conference is dedicated to Conversion and then all speakers need to find more niche-oriented approaches. Conversion of email campaigns seem to have been completely lost by those who deliver e-mail systems. The client should like to fix it on their own. Without any help – Good luck!

I will present a case study that shows how Apple, Tre and Telia made all the classic mistakes when Iphone 4 was  launched. Look for it here in the blog after the conference (September 2).
Final here’s a sneak preview of “The top 6 E-mail conversion mistakes nearly everyone makes”

1. Poor use of the first email to build brand and establish trust and permission
2. Writing lame subject lines, (non-persuasive copy)
3. Newsletters should contain ”News”
4. Ignoring the importance of the preview pane
5. Not setting clear conversion goals for each email
6. Not maintaning the scent from the email on the landing page

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